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Clover Go

Whether you’re running around your store or tend to take matters into the field, Clover Go is your go-to POS for secure credit card swipes, dips and taps. By making it easy to take your business to your customers, Clover Go helps you get more done.

The Clover Go solution is fast, reliable and customizable. You can set custom tip and tax rates, add and manage Clover Go permissions for employees, see your transactions on the Clover dashboard and email or text receipts to your customers.

Specifications: Clover Go
  • Accepts chip, swipe, and contactless payments including Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®
  • Micro USB for charging, Bluetooth® to mobile device for payments
  • Estimated 160 dip, 160 swipe, or 130 contactless transactions per charge
  • Clover Security Plus
  • Stores digital receipts and can email or text to customer-provided contact information
Overall Dimensions
  • 2.6 x 1.9 x .7 in
  • 1.7 oz.
Mobile OS Supported
  • iOS 10 (Bluetooth LE required) and Android 4.4 (and higher)

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