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When it comes to your next POS, find out why good things come in small packages.

Discover the

Next Generation of

Payment Terminals

With Clover Mini

As one of the most flexible payment terminals around, Clover Mini gives customers the convenience of paying with multiple payment types and protects their sensitive information–as well as your own–all without the hassle of a big business system.

Less clutter. More productivity.

Watch the Mini in action

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The Small POS That Always Comes Up Big

Designed with your customers in mind

Set up a mobile loyalty and rewards program withClover Customer Engagement.

Applications at Your Fingertips

Clover features more than 150 apps available on the Clover AppMarket, making it far superior to its square-shaped competitors.

Accept More Types of Payments

From magnetic-strip and EMV® chip cards to contactless, without additional equipment or complicated software.

Security and Safety Assurance

Help protect your customers, business and reputation from fraudwith built-in Clover Security.

Ready for Your Business To Go Big, grab a Clover Mini.


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