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Businesses Run Better With Clover

Clover is designed to be flexible enough to meet the unique needs of merchants.


Clover provides merchants with the right mix of POS hardware and software to take credit cards, EMV® chip and contactless payments from customers – safely and securely.


Clover gives merchants the tools to pump up sales with both their new customers and their biggest fans.


Timesheets, payroll, marketing, accounting. Clover handles all the stuff merchants don’t have time for, so they can focus on the stuff they got into business to do.

You’ve never seen POS like this

The Clover Solution is a cloud-based platform that replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer and barcode scanner all with one device. Clover lets you accept credit cards, EMV® chip and contactless payments from customers, safely and securely.

Stunning Looks & Functionality

Delivering Commerce to Merchants

The most powerful countertop POS with pivoting touchscreen with integrated NFC, customer display and EMV® chip.


Accept swipe, EMV® chip and NFC payments right out of the box.


Ultimate flexibility: use it in line, at the table, at the counter or on the go.


Smartphone-ready for secure card swipes, dips and contactless payments.

Interested in elevating your business?


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